Partner Departure Law

Separation Agreements

December 30, 2015

Court Found No Conflict of Interest with Dual Representation of Law Firm and Partner Against Claims from Departing Partner Shareholder

Earlier this year, California’s Fourth District Court of Appeal found that a partner’s status as 50% shareholder of a law firm did not give rise to a conflict of interest which would preclude the firm’s counsel from defending the firm and another partner against the departing partner’s lawsuit.  (See Coldren v. Hart, King & Coldren […]

August 27, 2013

Absent an Agreement to the Contrary, the California Uniform Partnership Act Controls the Scope of a Departing Partner’s Liability to a Former Partnership for Partnership Obligations Incurred by the Firm after Partner Dissociation

A significant issue for departing partners is to understand and evaluate the scope of any potential liability he or she may have to their former partnership once the departing partner provides notice of departure and dissociates with that partnership.  In some instances, partnership agreements set forth specific terms upon which a departing partner may continue […]